Artopéd Műterem, Tervek: 4Together

About the 4T project:

4Together is 4Theatres, 4Themes, 4Tales, 4Times. It is a project which brings together independent theatrical groups from Visegrad countries and gives them an opportunity to confront their different artistic views on one main topic which is the nation and national identity, but seen from the outside. Through creating new theatrical productions, through discussions with the audience and reflections after every performance we wish to support the idea of Europeanism with awareness of the national background.

Each group chose a specific national theme or character. Czechs picked famous Polish poetic drama Dziady by Adam Mickiewicz and with the respect for the Polish sense of the national feeling they plan to stage a play as a great spectacle – with the application

of the genre "melodram". On the other hand, the Polish theatre will deal with a Slovakian national minority-Roma people-based on Slovakian Roma's tales through shadow theatre. While Slovaks will talk about Hungarian national hero Matthias Corvinus and historical events connected to him and to Slovakian history.Hungarians will handle several Czech national themes. The play will be based on the written fragments of Comenius, Jan Hus and accompanied by music by Leos Janacek etc.

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